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Jack Kidd & Charlie Ward discuss NESARA GESARA back in June!

So many things have happened since this first aired in June 2020. It had has been watched over 1 million times before YouTube decided to ban Charlie Ward.


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15th October 2020

The Two Appointment Sting Operation, by Ron Giles


It was brought to my attention that gurus of the IDC gNN, along with other sites, have again been promoting the "Two Appointment Sting Operation." with its attendant fraudulent bank-sponsored instruction for Zim Holders. These gurus are filling up the narrative airwaves with their lies again.

The two appointment scam was brought to the attention of the Stingers before, after which the whole operation was scrapped as a fraud, which is the Two Appointment redemption process as a Sting Operation created by bankster shills. It was and is designed to put your Zim out of circulation and give you hundredths of a penny on the rate. Any time you have bankers involved in any of your redemption or currency exchanges you are setting up shop for the dark side to take hold over your humanitarian work. This will have devastating results that will leave you frustrated and wondering why this happened to you. The two appointment scheme may seem enticing and a way to get better rates but this will not happen. Bankers do not want you to have money. Period! You are naive to think that bringing a banker or a wealth manager to a second appointment will help you get more money for your Zim, it won't; maybe more like crazy than naive. In the Alliance redemption process, there will be just one Appointment at an authorized Redemption Center. The Alliance has set up an umbrella of protection, when you go outside that umbrella, you'll get rained on with toxic intel that will not serve you well. Your choice to do as you will.
There are two sides to this operation; 1. The innocent victims of this operation, and 2. The ones perpetrating this criminal offense.
To the potential victims: This Two Appointment scheme is a set up to confiscate your currencies and Zim and to stop you from getting the humanitarians funds you will need to do your planned projects. Runaway from this like it is the plague, it will disqualify you from doing your humanitarian projects because you won't get the funds you will need.
Example: 12 Million for a 100 Trillion Zim Note; If you plan on flying to your destination with a load of humanitarian goods to do your humanitarian work, 12 million worth of fuel will get you through; Starting the engines, Taxiing to the runway, and then when cleared for takeoff and begin your takeoff roll, you will run out of fuel before you can even accelerate past the1000 meter mark on the runway. You'll have to inform the tower that you are aborting the takeoff and will have to coast to the next exit to get off the runway with dead engines. What kind of pilot are you? What kind of humanitarian are you who can't even take care of your own flight plan, let alone, help others? Being sharp is not a part-time job. Wanting to be a successful humanitarian will take all you have to give. There is too much opposition to our success to go after this without all you have to give. Research your intel and be sure it does not have traps in the process.
To the perpetrators: you are doing damage to the innocent people who come to IDC to find more intel about the redemption process. This travesty has profound implications for the demise of the innocent ones you will catch in your sting operations. If you personally have plans to do humanitarian projects yourself and are innocently participating in this scam, it matters not to the bottom line. YOU ARE DOING DAMAGE AND YOU WILL BE CHARGED WITH CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. You are complicit in the scam. Attention Pinky and your DODO bird, I am not the only one who has observed your fraudulent activity. Check out this video link from Pimpy's Investment Chat at the 4 minute and 38-second mark.  If you think you can sue your way out of people reporting about you, it will be fun to go through the deposition phase and get the name of your accomplice in your fraud. The Alliance knows all about you. That is a dangerous road for you to be going down, just like what you are suggesting for people who believe your garbage intel.
For the gurus who perpetrate this Sting on others, It matters not what you intend to do with your redemption funds: whether to help the children, feed the starving, clothe the naked, or some other worthwhile projects; you will be blocked. You will not be able to redeem or exchange your currencies. You are complicit in doing damage to innocent people and you will be held accountable for your crimes. Even if you do a public disclaimer, it will not absolve you of your crimes, the damage will have been done, regardless. If you feel you need a disclaimer, this is boldfaced evidence of your intent to be deceitful because you are not sure that what you are saying is true, yet you say it anyway. as if it were true. How many times are you allowed to get it wrong before you are considered a fraud, especially when you continue to quote sources that have always been wrong?
Furthermore, if you, as a supposedly trusted guru on IDC, continue to give dates, rates, or any other false intel such as the Two Appointment scam, and have been proven wrong every time you have ventured into your prognostications, you too will be blocked from exchanging or redeeming your currencies. Those with little or no integrity have no claim on the same benefits coming to those who do approach their activities with integrity. If you are wrong one time and then continue the same behavior from the same source, you are complicit. You are guilty. You have no integrity. Those who re-post this fake intel on IDC or any other Blog are complicit in the scam and will be held accountable for each person who is negatively affected by your actions. People come to IDC to get intel for their RV process and if they believe in these posts and re-posts and then make decisions based on your lies, and then they go into their redemptions appointments and are rejected due to believing incorrect stuff that destroys their financial lives, then they are the victims that you will be held accountable for.
The Alliance is fighting a war with soldiers losing their lives. You are the opposition to the light and are aiding and abetting the enemy with your activities. There will be no acceptable excuses or disclaimers for this behavior. When we are at "War" there are different laws that apply and very little leniency is given for knowingly or unknowingly participating against the Alliance. It is important that we know who the enemy of the people is, and so far the enemy has been having their way on IDC. The DoD personnel, if any, are not exempt. The Alliance knows who you are.
I suggest you search your heart and mend the error of your ways and cease and desist with these deceptive activities. If not, the millstones, their ropes, and the bottom feeders await your demise. The purity of the RV, the QFS, the GCR, GESARA, and the Alliance will prevail.
Ron Giles


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